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The old year 2015 has withered and the new year 2016 is now here. We invite you to do something real special exotic in your work and study domain. It will leave a positive imprint on your body, soul and mind for a better performance and productivity throughout the year. We talk about why Africans dance and make music. So you make music/dance and know why you do it and put yourself into it fully and deeply. Summarily, you talk, sing, play music, move briskly, look animatedly etc, which is a wonderful way of healing and rejuvenating your wholeself.

Did you ever know African music/dance is a picturesque form of teamwork- building, thus good for team improvement?

Team building in my basic estimation is the relationship between the various components of a team with respective competences within interdependent roles focusing towards shared goal. It must have and identity distinct from individual identity. If teams should be as defined above then teams should be wonderful. Unfortunately, most people don't fit into teams and kill team spirit. There are quarrels, misunderstanding, ego feelings etc. which eventually undermine the growth and success of the organisation s/he loves and work for to wind up. It therefore, behoves on each an individual to improve his or her working relationships.

How does this mix with African music and dance?

African music and is performed in and esemble,ranging from supporting instruments to master [lead] instrument. It's often too easy to think and understimate the the supporting instrument. You may have noticed that whenever there is a performance and a pause the focus is on the lead instrumentalist. You ever did that it was a sign of placing higher premium on one individual group member as if his sols efforts make everything. WATCH OUT! The ongoing happens in many teams destroying team cohesiveness. Just come watch one whole identity of African music, try it and do the same for team relations and private relations.

What is African music/dance?

African music and dance is a way of life. Basically, it is for entertainment but it's also for religion,history,our present, future and aspirations. Life and rhytmns of birth, growth, adulthood, marriage and death are celebrated by music and dance. Thus when an African is happy, sad, serious etc. could be expressed musically. It's a powerful communication tool [language] used in many ways in our relationships with ourselves and the outsider.

Benefits for the workshop

  1. Fun and entertainment- something outside your regular schedule
  2. Fitness- exercising the body and keeping fit
  3. Relaxation- stress release
  4. Teamwork/Building- relationship in words and practice


Kobina: 06 - 844 213 63

Invitation and fee is upon request and negotiable.

Drummen is een ultieme vorm van teamwork

Foto: Toon Verhoeven